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Thursday Weekly Bible Study

The Bible is not (by most peoples' standards) an easy book to pick up and read. On the other hand we firmly believe it is God's word to us and need to understand it in order to know what He wants to say to us. How can you do this? Join us every Thursday evening for a our weekly Bible Study on Zoom. Please don't be put off by the word 'study' - it's not like going back to school, it is a whole lot better than that! Click here for simple instructions on how to join us - see you there!

Sunday Community Worship

Ever wanted to see what 'going to church' might be like for you? Worried you might not fit in, or do the wrong thing? Please, don't worry, it's more important to us to meet you and get to know you and the rest, we will be with you every step of the way. We look forward to meeting you soon. If you want a chat before coming along, please contact us here.



A Church for You, in Aylesbury

Serving and meeting at Buckingham Park Community Centre in Aylesbury, Hope Baptist Church offers you a place of, hope, peace and opportunity for your life, which is probably busier and more complicated than you'd like. We appreciate this time of challenge and change as we face the realities of coronavirus has left many of us feeling disconnected and disjointed as our lives have to adapt to new realities. We want you to know we are as much here for you as we have ever been and are making services and other meetings available through various online means. If you need to reach out please do take a moment to contact us and we will do all we can to help you connect and find the support you need.

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Should you be arriving by car, there is plenty of free parking in the main square.

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